Monday, November 28, 2005

People Talking About Architecture - 11.29.2005

Some good stuff coming at the end of the week, but if you need your archifix now...

Michael Meredith : Recent Work
6:00 PM - Gund Hall Piper Auditorium
The Assistant Professor of Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design will give a home-turf lecture. He'll probably present his design for the (now removed) Huyghe + Le Corbusier Puppet Theater, so if you can't go, maybe you can read this and say you did.

London - AA:
Plasma Studio : Recent Work
6:30 PM - 36 Bedford Square
Eva Castro and Holger Kehne of Plasma Studio talk about current projects. Hopefully they won't talk like this, ‘We do not just avoid iconography, images or other semantic modes of communication but through abstraction and morphological shifts and innovation we intend to produce ambiences that are unfamiliar. These place the user in a receptive mode while challenging his preoccupations and standards.’ They'll probably explain their experimental installation at the Architectural Association gallery (Its up from the 18th of Nov to 9th of Dec.)


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