Tuesday, November 15, 2005

People Talking About Architecture - 11.16.2005

Here's a list of Wednesday's Lectures, some on each coast, and one in the middle...

David Erdman & Marcelyn Gow Print : SERVO: Networking
7:00 PM - 112 Wurster
Established in 1999 by David Erdman, Marcelyn Gow, Chris Perry and Ulrika Karlsson and based in four cities (New York, Los Angeles, Zurich and Stockholm), Servo is a research and design collaborative. Servo's experimentation with emergent design, fabrication and interactive information technologies focuses on the interface of emerging media and architectural practice. If you missed them at Ohio State back in February, here's their west coast engagement.

Ada Tolla + Giuseppe Lignano : Urban Scan
6:30 PM - Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall

The two founders of LOT-EK, New York are returning to their home school to present some new work, maybe talk about the new book. We're hoping for some images of their hometown of
Naples, because the photos we took on our requisite College Architecture trip aren't so good.

Ohio State:
Chris Haller : Recent Work
5:30 PM - Knowlton Hall Auditorium
The Civic Engagement and Technology Advisor for PlaceMatters, will speak on his work. This includes adding intelligence to Smart Growth Through "'Land Market Monitoring'' (a government process for monitoring residential and other land uses within a jurisdiction.)

Michael Bell : Binocular House
6:00 PM - Betts Auditorium

If you missed it in Boston last month, here's you chance to hear more about his Binocular House. If you're going to miss all his lectures on the topic, perhaps you may want to read this Architect's Newspaper article (scroll to third topic).

MoMA (New York):
6:00 PM - Edward Larabee Barnes Symposium
A Harvard[sic.] GSD sponcered event.


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