Saturday, December 10, 2005

(Art Imitating )Life Imitating Art

The exploded Axonometric Drawing is an ideal drawing to diagram the architectonic nature of a project. Yesterday Gravesmore posted about sculptor Damian Ortega’s exploded VW Beetle (Cosmic Thing, 2002), an installation where one can walk around an exploded VW Beetle.

Some of this work's charm is due to it's reference to such drawings and the delight it extends to every individual component. Each of the car's parts was carefully removed, lovingly cleaned, and wryly hung in it's new home. The hanging logic is self-referential -- each component could be no where other then where it hangs beacuse the arrangement is about the object's assembly.

This reminds DYWSC? another sculptor who took an architectural drawing convention as his departure point.
Robert Lazzarini's Skulls (2000). Payphone (2002), Hammers (2000), and Chair (2000) brought a similar space warp to life, and remains a favorite.


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