Sunday, March 12, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 03.14.2006

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Thom Mayne - Working Progress
6:30 PM - Room 10-250
If you haven’t seen him all over the rest of the country, here’s a chance for Bostonians to see the Prizker Laureat and Santa Monica Architect present recent work.

Harvard University:
Robert Marino – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - Gund Hall, Piper Auditorium

Elizabeth Kolbert - Field Notes from a Catastrophe: The Future of Climate Change
5:30 PM - Higgins Hall Auditorium
If you can’t catch the lecture, here’s a recent interview.

Craig Dykers – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - Buck Lecture Hall Gallery, ArchiCenter (224 South Michigan Avenue)
The guys from Snohetta are everywhere it seems. This time Mr. Dykers is joined by Alexander Garvin, Edward Uhlir, Charles Renfro.

City University of New York:
George Ranalli - Architecture as Icon
6:00 PM - CCNY, Shepard Hall S95 (Convent Avenue at 138th Street)

Architectural Association:
François Roche – (Untitled Lecture)
6:30 PM - - Lecture Hall (36 Bedford Square, London)
The designer who collaborates with architects Stephanie Lavaux and Jean Navarro to form R&Sie(n) architects, will present speculative urban planning, biomorphic space, and generative heterogeneous mutations.


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