Sunday, June 25, 2006

People Talking about Architecture - 06.28.2006

Derek Gregory & Eyal Weizman - Violent Architectures: New Wars and Arab Cities
7:30 AM - Brandon Room, Institute of Contemporary Arts
The geographer and the architect will explore the emergent relationship between armed conflicts and the built environment. Examining the military’s own language, they will focus on the ways in which the military operates in Arab cities from the West Bank and Gaza to Afghanistan and Iraq. This presentation appears to have the same "Bernard Tschumi inspires Israeli generals' attack stratagies" thesis as Eyal Weizman's recent contribution to AnyCorp's Log 7 -- a quick 10 page read for those who cannot make it to the show.

San Francisco:
Miltiple Speakers - The Art of Placemaking: Transit-Oriented Development
5:30 - AIA East Bay (1405 Clay Street)
This panel discussion will focus on both the challenges and potential of making Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) successful, and how important the quality and level of design of the architecture of TOD is to the success of TOD. Speakers include John Ellis (of the AIA), James Corless (of the Metropolitan Transit Commission, Tom Radulovich (Executive Director of Livable City), and Mark Farrar (Principal of Millennium Partners)


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