Monday, November 28, 2005

People Talking About Architecture - 11.30.2005

Something for everyone today, one of the last times this year..

Ben Nicholson - The Archeworks Papers, Vol 1. Num. 3
6:00 PM - Archeworks 625 North Kingsbury St.
The alternative design school hosts the IIT studio professor, historian, and designer. (Why must Archinect cross out "Architect" in front of his name and keep it there. That's a little rude? Ok, we just put the link up so you would read the article, it cool.) This is the third of a series of annual commissioned lectures delivered by independent scholars on self-similar subjects that are then published as a book. The Archeworks papers form the basis of the Archeworks pedagogy. Ben Nicholson’s lecture will be printed in a book with respondents from three experts and released in Spring 2006. Sounds like a sweet gig.

Craig Dykers - Thoughts on Architecture & the Works of Snohetta
7:30 PM - 112 Wurster
Mr. Dykers will likely talk about his firm's selection to do one of the two major cultural centers at the WTC site ( Frank Gehry's doing the other one). He'll likely lecture on that and a new library in Alexandria, Egypt.

Symposium - Augmented Architecture: Design, Practice & Education
7:00 PM - The Main Space
Its billed as a symposium to inaugurate a series of collaborations with the Stanford Humanities Lab (SHL) at Stanford University. The symposium will focus on design education and will feature prominent educators/practitioners from each institution.

Thom Mayne - Fresh Morphosis
6:30 PM - Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall
Wacky, wacky stuff. The thing that threw DYWSC? about Thom is how we never saw how much he was inflounced by The Situationalists until he told us in a lecture last year. If you get to go, look for the resemblances, it's cool.


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