Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Digital Design Tools

Two great links come from the world of the AIA today. This first link is to an article on the National AIA's website. The subject is about a new programming tool for architects -- the blog. It documents a successful use of the digital tool to wrangle various client-side opinions into the same forum as a way to get an accurate picture of client needs. Very cool.

This second link is a series of articles from this month's _line magazine . The San Francisco AIA's publication is doing a full-issue look at the BIM modeling and how it may change things. The article on the GSA's first efforts in the area is especially telling. The government organization responsible for building all the new federal buildings in the land has stated it would like all new construction BIMed (Is that a word yet?) by 2007, and luckily it has grant money to trouble-shoot the initiative.


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