Monday, February 20, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 02.20.2006

Yale University:
Craig Dykers - A way of thinking, a way of working, and the works of Snohetta
6:30 PM – Hastings Hall (180 York Street)

University of Pennsylvania
Charles Jencks - The Iconic Building, the Power of Enigma more
6:30pm - B-1 Meyerson Hall
The author and architect will speak at Penn – In case you miss him on the East Coast this Monday, you get a chance to see him at the AA on Thursday. If you miss all these chance, this interview on Archinect is pretty good too.

University of Michigan:
Michael Sorkin – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM – Art + Architecture Building Lecture Hall
The Saarinen Visiting Professor will speak, and perhaps reveal in greater detail why it is that the University of Michigan press publishes some of his books.

California College for the Arts:
Aaron Betsky – (Architecture Lecture Series)
2:00 PM - Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco Campus
The director of the Netherlands Architecture Institute was curator of architecture, design, and digital projects at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from 1995 to 2001, so this is something of a homecoming.

Californis College for the Arts (again):
Bruce Tomb – (Architecture Lecture Series)
7:00 PM - Timken Lecture Hall, San Francisco campus
Bruce Tomb will speak about some of his designs for residential architecture, installations and exhibition design, and furniture and fixtures, including the elegant cast basins of his firm, Infinite Fitting. He is an adjunct professor in the Architecture and Sculpture Programs at CCA, so this is home turf lecture.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
Esther da Costa Meyer - Redefining Modernism: The Work of Lina Bo Bardi
5:45 PM - Weston Lecture Hall 1

Architectural Association:
Alisa Andrasek - Material Potency: Probabilistic Programming: Emergent Composure: Polyscale
6:30 PM - Lecture Hall (36 Bedford Square, London)
If you missed her last week in Tampa, or last month in New York, here is a chance to see Biothing’s algorithms in Engliand.


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