Saturday, March 18, 2006

The shifting Forms of Architectural Debate

Over the past month, a master-student in the Netherlands has been organizing and dominating one of the most directed debates the Archinect forum has seen in quite some time. Citing last year's article 'The Hokusai Wave' by Alejandro Zaero-Polo, he tries to weave a more clearly defined relationship for Architecture and iconography, with balanced input from several forum contributors. In this way, the efforts of one student has given this “discussion” thread the look, weight, and feel of the “features” section The illustrations certainly work in the image-focused subject's favor, but the discussion feeds off a point-counterpoint method of debate with images and words and genuinely profits from these different ways to make a point. This type of well-illustrated, somewhat-thought-out dialogue between designers is usually reserved for university lectures and other prepared events. Its willful emergence in other public forums is a promising for the quality of future architectural debate and as a medium to bring outside attention to the discussion. Even in spite of less directed thread topics.


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