Monday, April 03, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 04.05.2006

Princeton University:
David Adjaye - Making Public Space: Specificity, Customization, Imbrication
6:00 PM - Betts Auditorium
Calculations could be wrong on this, but with this lecture Mr. Adjaye will have lectured at a majority of the Ivy League schools in the bast 16 months. Perhaps he has worked into his lecture a reaction to the flack he got in the press this winter accusing him of speaking out against poorly design public space in Briton.

Harvard University:
Luis Mansilla – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - Gund Hall, Piper Auditorium

Manuel DeLanda - Deleuze and the Use of Genetic Algorithms in Architecture
7:00 PM – Main Space
The Mexico City based Philosopher and author of 1000 Years of Non-Linear History will lecture. The book is fascinating: hopefully someone who attends the lecture will be able to comment here if the lecture is half as enjoyable.

University of California, Berkley:
Jurgen Mayer - Re-public Print
7:00 PM - 112 Wurster Hall

David Brown - Failure as an Option
6:00 PM - 625 N Kingsbury St
Mr. Brown is expected to speak about his investigation into ways in which the concerns of existing organizations overseeing various scales of metropolitan development can provide parameters for modes of urban design and planning that can negotiate an area’s transformation in time.

Washington DC:
Emerging Voices: deicoi/George Yu Archhitects
6:30 PM – National Building Museum (401 F Street NW)
Mark Goulthorpe, founding principal of dECOi in Paris and Cambridge, will present his firm's work ranging from pure design to architecture and urbanism. Then Los Angeles-based George Yu will discuss, among other projects, the creative workspaces of the Sony Design Centers in Los Angeles and Shanghai.


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