Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jacques Herzog Five Years Before Famous

DYWSC? has already mentioned next month’s Perspecta 37 – Famous. Invariably, after a post is done, that’s when one stumbles on all the good stuff. This is the case with the reactionto this Archinect thread about the editors’ research poll, with this link that illustrates just how little data is necessary to publish the issue (16 lines down), and with this partially transcribed ending to Jacques Herzog’s acceptance speech for the 2001 Pritzker Prize…

[35:45] …The rise of the global star system in recent years is indicative of a colossal battle of displacement in the world of architecture. A narrow elite of author-architects stands opposite an over-powering ninety-percent majority assimilation architecture, an architecture essentially without an "Appellation Controlee" as it is called in the world of wine. There is hardly anything left in between – only the few young people desperately seeking salvation in the few remaining niches and the largely hopeless prospects of design competitions. Rampantly spreading simulation architecture is no longer projected on the world by an author, but instead simulates, reproduces, manipulates, and consumes existing imagery.

Instead of passively letting ourselves be sucked into the maelstrom of this simulation architecture, which not only absorbs all the imagery, but also any and all innovation in order to survive, we can actively deploy simulation as a possible strategy in our own architecture, in a kind of subversive reversal as in biotechnology. And that may well be the most exciting prospect in architecture today. And indeed in human society. This incredible latitude, that leaves room for the most extraordinary achievement, and the ghastly ones as well. Thank you.

The online description of Perspecta 37 focuses on the promoting of the “mystique of the designer genius.” Hopefully, there is room in the issue to address Mr. Herzog’s concerns about the starchitecture absorbing “any and all innovation in order to survive.” Of course, a blog can always offer one more post; 37's editors only get one print date.


Blogger sevensixfive said...

J, what do the acces logs show? The issue is out at the press by now, of course they're not using the YSOA servers anymore ... and what the hell are you doing up at 3 in the morning reading them?

3:30 AM  
Blogger J said...

Point taken, data is data... but the fact that the log was a "page 1" google return alone was striking. Also, ARCHSERVER1\K$\Users\jhv2 graduated ten months ago, and that user account appears unmolested, so why keep all this old data around? At the end of the day, why not hype the journal a little more - you know? There's worse things to blog about.

9:27 AM  
Blogger sevensixfive said...

All that old data ain't going anywhere soon, usually just because it's more work to take it down than leave it. And even if the original goes, there are copies everywhere. We think we're just sitting here talking trash on your blog, but we may as well be carving these letters ten feet high into blocks of stone (and signing it), for as long as they'll be around. Some future AI or something will reconstruct you from your server logs whether you like it or not. That's famous.

12:42 PM  

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