Monday, January 16, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 01.17.2006

(Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There's nothing on the calendars for Monday the 16th.)

University of Toronto:

Pier Vittorio Aureli - Architecture Confronts the City
6:30 PM - Room 103 (230 College Street)
Aureli coordinates the second-year research program at the Berlage, and is currently working on a study on the representation of the city through architectural form, from Bramante to Koolhaas. Last October he gave a lecture at the AA: After the Diagram. The lecture's description ended, "...My argument is that diagrams are not just a camouflage of reality or, as Wittgenstein would argue, a social constructed reality, but also (and especially) a form of nihilism.’ Please comment here if you see him Tuesday.

San Francisco:
Seminar: Architects and Design-Build: Opportunity or Threat?
5:30 PM - AIA San Francisco (130 Sutter Street, Suite 600)
Dana Buntrock moderates Stanley Saitowitz, Steve Wiesenthal, Shepherd Heery and Jeff Gee as they speak about the following observation: “Through out history, master-builders provided a single source of responsibility for both design and construction of buildings. It wasn’t until the mid-nineteenth century that the designers and the builders separated into different professions. The advent of the design-build process is once again offering a single source of responsibility for owners.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aureli will be teaching a half-semester seminar at Columbia thihs spring, called architecture v the city: the politics of architectural form. i have yet to see a description

12:46 PM  
Blogger J said...

If you find a description, I would appreciate the link. Have you seen him speak in the past?

11:34 PM  

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