Wednesday, January 18, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 01.19.2006

University of Pennsylvania:
Ben Van Berkel - Recent Works
6:30 PM - Meyerson Hall (210 South 34th Street)
The Professor of Conceptual Design at the Staedelschule, and partner at UN Studio presents recent work.

Yale School of Architecture:
Sunil Bald - Fold, Crease, and Tear along Perforation
6:00 PM - Hastings Hall (180 York Street)
Yale's visiting Assistant Professor, teacher at Parson' s, and partner at studioSUMO presents recent work. Mr. Bald had an article of the same title printed in the Journal of Architecture, back in Autumn 2004 (Vol. 9, Number 3)

Forrest E. Russell - Big Box Retail - It isn't just for the Suburbs Anymore
7:45 AM - The Mid-Day Club (10 S. Dearborn, 56th Floor)
The Senior Development Manager of the Target Corporation will explore the recent move of big box retailers into urban settings, including why this has occurred, how these decisions are made and the nuts and bolts of getting a transaction completed.


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