Monday, February 27, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 02.27.2006

Uinversity of California, Berkley:
Thomas Sieverts - “Soft” Regional Management Strategies
7:00 PM - 112 Wurster Hall
The Professor Emeritus of the Darmstadt Institute of Technology, will deliver a lecture whose full title is “Soft” Regional Management Strategies A Collaborative Approach to Regional Design & Planning and whose subject is will address regional design and planning concepts used for the RuhrDistrict region in Germany, and Vision Bern, Switzerland. He is the author of Cities without Cities.

University of Florida:
Marc Mimram – (Untitled Lecture)
6 p.m. - UF Harn Museum of Art auditorium
The French engineer will speak about favorite projects.

Washington University:
Antoine Picon – (Untitled Lecture)
7:00 PM - Steinberg Auditorium
Antoine Picon is professor of the History of Architecture and Technology and Director of Doctoral Programs at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

California College for the Arts:
Stephen Cassell - Architecture Research Office (ARO)
7:00 PM - Timken Lecture Hall (San Francisco campus)
ARO was established in 1993 by Stephen Cassell and Adam Yarinsky. Their work has become a model for research-driven architectural practice, as each project evolves out of a deep engagement with specific physical, social, and economic conditions.

New York:
Discussion - Obsession and Practice
6:00 PM - Titus 2 Auditorium (MoMA)
In collaboration with the American Folk Art Museum’s exhibition Obsessive Drawing, MoMA will present an interdisciplinary panel that investigates the repetitive, detail-oriented creative practices of artists, writers, and performers. Panelists include artists Trenton Doyle Hancock and Daniel Zeller, poet Susan Howe, and musician David Grubbs. Moderated by Brooke Davis Anderson, curator of Obsessive Drawing.

Massimiliano Fuksas - (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - National Gallery of Canada Main Body (380 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.)


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