Monday, April 17, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 04.19.2006

Kansas State University:
Eric Hanson - Digital Fiction: New Worlds in Film Environments
3:30 PM -- Little Theatre, K-State Student Union
The Visual Effects Designer for Visura Imaging, in Los Angeles was trained originally as an architect. This lecture will round out Kansas’s lecture series for the school year.

Cornell University:
Moshen Mostafavi - Nurturing Urbanism
6:30 PM - 157 East Sibley Hall

Princeton University:
Farshid Moussavi - Work in Progress Lecture
6:00 PM - Betts Auditorium
A chance to catch up on the recent work of Forgien Office Architects.

Harvard University:
Kazuyo Sejima – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - Gund Hall, Piper Auditorium

Stanford University:
Jennifer Luce – Informed by Art
6:30 PM - Hewlett 201

Scott Tilden - Museum Design in America
6:00 PM - Boston Public Library
The author of Architecture for Art: American Art Museums, 1938-2008 explores the current ‘golden age’ of art museum design through the work of Santiago Calatrava, I.M. Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, Renzo Piano, Louis Kahn, Zaha Hadid, and Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.

University of Texas at Austin:
Hoidn Wang Partner and David Heymann - 2x2: Gallery Talk
5:00 PM - Mebane Gallery


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