Sunday, April 09, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 04.10.2006

Southern Illinois University:
Will Bruder - Architectural Studies and Interior Design
7:00 PM - Parkinson 124, Brown Auditorium.
The “self-trained” architect will speak about some of his 450 commissions that “have celebrated the craft of building in ways not typical in contemporary architecture, striving to invent form specific to function and his client’s aspirations.”

Washington University:
Marcelo Ferraz -- (Untitled Lecture)
7:00 PM - Steinberg Auditorium
The Brazilian architect and visiting professor will speak about past projects.

Rice University:
Francoise Fromonot – The Cabbage Patch and the Stork
5:00 PM - Farish Gallery, Anderson Hall
The architect and Associate Professor at the Ecole d'Archietcture will deliver a lecture whose full title stretches, The Cabbage Patch and the Stork: Classifying Contemporary Urbanism

New York Institute of Technology:
Discussion - Should the Future Be Designed?
6:30 PM - 16 West 61st St., 11th floor
Michael Sorkin will moderate a discussion between Marshall Berman, M. Christine Boyer, David Harvey, Laura Kurgan, and Brendan Moran. The full title of the talk is Should the Future Be Designed? Alternative Approaches to Activism, Politics and Professional Practice in the Design Disciplines.


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