Monday, April 17, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 04.21.2006

Princeton University:
Symposium -- New Downtowns: A Conference on the Future of Urban Centers
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM -- Robertson Hall. Princeton University
Scholars, policymakers, economists, architects and planners will discuss downtowns' shift from commercial centers to 24-hour mixed-use communities and will consider the social, political, and economic driving forces behind this change and the planning and design standards new downtowns should reflect, with a particular focus on urban centers in NY, NJ, and PA. Speakers include Andrew Alper; Anthony Shorris; Richard Voith; Elizabeth Strom; Eugenie Birch; Vishaan Chakrabarti; Larry Goldman; Carl Weisbrod; Mitchell Moss; Richard Monteilh; Paul Levy; Barbara Faga; Susan Bass Levin; Susan Wachter.

New York:
Jonathan Schwinge and Ian Abley - Manmade Modular Megastructures
6:30 PM - The Urban Center, 457 Madison Avenue
These editors of the book with the same name posit the idea that "the opportunity to create a world of expansive megacities will advance the art, science and processes of manufacturing, particularly if we can shrug off the dogma of sustainability that insists only small can be beautiful." They suggest that designers can learn from materials scientists working at the smallest of scales, and from systems manufacturers with ambitions at the largest- while development must aim for the integration of global systems of transport, utilities and IT in gigantic structures, constantly upgraded, scraping both the sky and the ground, outward into the sea.

Cornell University:
Robert Somol - Possibilities of Fact
6:30 PM - Lecture Hall D (Goldwin Smith Hall)


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