Sunday, April 30, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 05.02.2006

New York:
Lebbeus Woods: SYSTEM WIEN
6:30 PM - The Urban Center (457 Madison Avenue)

New York:
Zheng Shilling - Comtemporary Shanghai Architecture and Growth
6:30 PM – The Asia Society Museum (725 Park Avenue)

Harvard University:
Katrin Scholz-Barth - Inevitable City-Scapes Merging Landscape, Architecture and Engineering
6:00 PM - Gund Hall, Piper Auditorium
The Principal of Katrin Scholz-Barth Consulting amd author of Green Roof Systems : A Guide to the Planning, Design and Construction of Building Over Structure, will speak.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:
Wiel Arets - Curtain
6:30 PM - Room 10-250


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