Sunday, May 21, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 05.22.2006

New York:
Dan Gottlieb & Penny Herscovitch - Materialized Light: PadLab Exhibition & Lecture
6:30 PM - Center for Architecture (536 LaGuardia Place)
These two designers formed PadLab, a young, Los Angeles based design studio, that creates new materials, architectural glass, lighting, and fine art. The exhibit and lecture will explore the interaction of light with their new materials: Flexicomb and Bubble Glass If you miss the lecture you can still see the materials all weeak at New York's International Contemporary Furniture Fair, booth #1073.

UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design:
David Rockwell – (Untitled Lecture)
6:30 PM - 1302 Perloff Hall
David Rockwell is CEO of the Rockwell Group based in New York City. Founded in 1984, it has 200 built projects to its credit. Rockwell has been honored with a lifetime achievement award from Interiors magazine, is included in Interior Design magazine's Hall of Fame and was awarded the Presidential Design Award for the Grand Central Terminal renovation.

Washington D.C.:
Zachary M. Schrag - Metro's Many Creators
6:30 PM – National Bulding Museum
The author of The Great Society Subway: A History of the Washington Metro, and assistant professor of history at George Mason University will discuss how rapid transit systems are not the creation of a single individual, agency, or profession, but a collaboration among planners, engineers, architects, and citizens. He will present some of the interactions and debates that resulted in the Washinton Metro system as it exists today.


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