Monday, May 08, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 05.09.2006

Art Institute of Technology:
Bernard Tschumi - Event-form
6:00 PM - Rubloff Auditorium (111 South Michigan Ave.)

University of Massachusetts - Amherst:
Daniel Libeskind - Breaking Ground
4:30 PM - Bowker Auditorium
In case you missed the lecture in New Jersey last month, here is a opportunity to hear the man who won the World Trade Center design competition in 2003 lecture. Since the competition he was appointed as master plan architect for the site in New York City, and may find time that night to comment on the experience.

The Cooper Union:
Janine Benyus - Biomimicry
6:00 PM - The Great Hall (pm 7 East 7th Street)
Janine Benyus will present Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, her work on an emerging science that seeks sustainable solutions by mimicking nature's designs and processes. Widely known and respected in the world of sustainable design, Janine Benyus has named the field that analyzes nature's best ideas—spider silk and prairie grass, seashells and brain cells—and adapts them for human use. She is expected to present nature-based innovations that will change the way we grow food, make materials, harness energy, heal ourselves, store information, and conduct business.

Madison WI:
Robert Fishman - Beyond Sprawl
7:00 PM – (Unconfirmed Location)
The Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan, and author of Urban Utopias in the Twentieth Century: Ebenezer Howard, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier (1977), will present a lecture who’s full title is Beyond Sprawl: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Utopian Vision for America.

University of Oregon:
Esther Hagenlocher - Ptld.
12:00 PM - 722 SW 2nd Avenue

New York:
Mojgan Hariri – (Untitled Lecture)
6:30 PM - The Urban Center (457 Madison Avenue)
Half of the Iranian-born, American-educated sisters Gisue and Mojgan Hariri will speak about “Their up-to-the-minute recasting of classical modernist principles ha[ving] made them a source of continuing inspiration to design students and professionals alike.”


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