Thursday, January 19, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 01.20.2006

New York:
Michael Smith - Elements of Style
6:30 PM - The Armory (643 Park Ave)
Rizzoli is putting on the event to promote Mr. Smith’s new book. Going to this thing is certainly a risk because the talk and signing is part of the larger "Designer’s Night" event hosted by Elle Décor. Since no one else is talking about architecture in the city, maybe someone will go an ask a serious question.

Exhibit Opening - Inventioneering Architecture
6:30 PM - Logan International Airport, (Terminal E, Arrivals)

Alright, so the Swiss House for Advanced Research and Education in Boston (SHARE - Boston) will showcase Swiss Higher Education with a focus on architecture and design in this exhibit. The broader stated goal is to open an international discussion on different approaches in teaching architecture. Student models, drafts, and further information about teaching and researching will be presented.


Blogger scisar said...

I went to Boston this sunday and sopped by the exhibition Inventioneering Architecture and took some pictures.

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