Tuesday, January 24, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 01.25.2006

Waro Kishi - On Recent Work [CANCELED]
6:00 PM - ArchiCenter (224 South Michigan Avenue)
The professor and principal of Waro Kishi + K. Associates will present his most recent work. Primarily constructed of steel and glass, his designs contain a great sense of openness and light as they attempt to reconcile past traditions with new materials and current economic forces.

Illinois Institute of Technology:
Mark Linder - Architecture After Minimalism
6:00 P.M.- Crown Hall (3345 S. State Street)
Lecture by Mark Linder, who teaches theory and design at Syracuse. His book, Nothing Less than Literal: Architecture After Minimalism examines trans-disciplinary exchanges between art and architectural criticism and the resulting confusion of formalist techniques and discourses in the debates surrounding minimal art.

Columbia University:
Zi-Liu-Tian*: a project of re-entry
6:30 PM - Wood auditorium, Avery Hall
We have no idea.

Ohio State University:
Jorge Otero-Pailos – Lecture
5:30 PM - the Knowlton Hall Auditorium
Otero-Pailos is Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation at Columbia University in New York, as well as a practicing architect with Otero-Pailos Architects.

Withing Detroit Mercy School of Architecture:
Evan Douglas - Lecture
6:30 PM -Genevieve Fisk Loranger Architecture Center
The Chair of the Undergraduate Program in Architecture at Pratt is scheduled to speak. Here is a post on We-Make-Money-Not-Art that documents some of his recent generative and rapid-prototyped work. Tropolism recently documented one of is rehtorical statements, "As we enter through this new phase of morphogenetic and technological expansion we unleash a range of material and programmatic opportunity capable of altering the very destiny of architecture." and followed with "How did he come to this conclusion? What facts support this claim? What, exactly, is the programmatic and material opportunity?"

Washington University:
Charles Rose - "Topographical Variations"
7:00 PM - Steinberg Auditorium
Mr. Rose is schedule to speak about some of his projects since since establishing his firm 18 years ago.

Washington DC:
Craig Dykers - Lecture
6:30 PM - The National Building Museum
The designer from Norwegian-based studio Snøhetta will discuss some of the firm’s internationally acclaimed projects including the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the Turner Contemporary in England, and the National Opera House in Oslo.

Syracuse University:
Anuradha Mathur - Traversing Landscape
4:30 PM - The Warehouse (Main Auditorium)

Ali Rahim - Catalytic Formations
6:30 PM - Darwin Lecture Theatre (Darwin Building, Gower Street)
Ali Rahim teaches at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and is a director at Contemporary Architecture Practice in New York . He will discuss how digital design techniques have the potential to affect the wider cultural landscape in profound ways. He will focus on how these technologies allow architecture to engage in a feedback loop with its context - to absorb influences and produce concrete effects on its users.


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FYI: Waro Kishi's been cancelled.

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Thanks for pointing that out. A Daily Dose of Architecture is great BTW, I just went to Butter Paper for the first time because of your last post.


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I can't believe it took me this long to find butter paper either. Good stuff.

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