Monday, February 27, 2006

People Talking About Architecture – 02.28.2006

Columbia University:
Rem Koolhaas - The Lagos Project
4:00 PM - Wood Auditorium (113 Avery Hall)
Peter Testa - Rethinking Systems
6:30 pm - 111 East 59th Street
(It’s hard to figure out which is which… here.)

Cornell University:
Rickard Burdett - Urban Transformations in London
6:30 PM - Hollis Cornell Auditorium (Goldwin Smith Hall)

Harvard University:
Byoung Cho – (Untitled Lecture)
6:00 PM - Gund Hall Piper Auditorium
Byoungsoo Cho will be giving a home-turf lecture.

Massachusetts Institutute of Technology:
Bruce Lindsey & Andrew Freear - Rural Studio & Collective Practice
6:30 PM - Room 10-250
The Co-Directors of the Rural Studio at Auburn University will give a talk whose full title is Rural Studio & Collective Practice: Reconnaissance at the Social and Environmental Edge.

Architectural Association:
Zaha Hadid/Hanif Kara - The Design of the Phaeno Centre
6:30 PM - - Lecture Hall (36 Bedford Square, London)
To open the AA exhibition of the project, both Ms. Hadid and Mr. Hanif will present the architecture and engineering of the Phaeno Science Centre, in the motor city of Wolfsburg. The evening's presentation will provide insight into the architectural and engineering ideas that are at the core of the project. (The realization of the project will be described more fully two nights later with a more technical presentations by the project architects and engineers who carried out the design development and construction of the building within the offices of Zaha Hadid Architects and Adams Kara Taylor.)

University of Toronto:
Raoul Bunschoten - From Matter to Metaspace
6:30 PM - Room 103
The principal of CHORA, in London will present favorite projects.


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